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About incentriq

incentriq delivers practical solutions to businesses in the travel and loyalty space.

Our solution is designed to improve front-line travel agent efficiency during the research and booking process and streamline the back end financial reconciliation of travel transactions. These tools work together to transform the productivity of bricks and mortar travel agents, as well as for centralized contact centres.

In the loyalty space we offer a turn-key platform that powers the travel component of any loyalty program. Our solution provides a branded experience for your loyalty program members to earn and burn points not just online, but also via our contact centre. We look after the entire process from booking to post booking customer support, from travel transaction fulfilment to financial reconciliation. This solution currently powers thousands of transactions every single day.

As experts in travel e-commerce, we help travel companies and loyalty partners improve their digital presence and effectiveness by providing design support (UI/UX), digital marketing proficiency and analytic expertise. We know first-hand that having a web presence doesn’t automatically translate into transactional success, so we help our clients with real-life advice gained from years of practical experience in driving conversion.

Our Services

We improve the front and back-end user experience for consumer facing brands in the travel and loyalty space.

Our technology and services are purpose built to drive value for your business and your members.

White Label Booking Solution

incentriq helps you expand your business in the online space with our white label online booking solution. Powering your front-end, it gives your consumers and members an intuitive, user-friendly experience for searching, booking, ticketing and invoicing travel. We design public and members-only travel websites as an extension of your brand’s web presence.

For loyalty programs, we build unique, exclusive experiences driving additional value for members where they can earn and burn points directly for travel products. Our deep supplier partnerships yield relevant, targeted offers for your membership.

Our solutions are supported by experts in travel, e-commerce and loyalty who leverage our analytics and business intelligence to ensure engagement and conversion. It's unique because we look after the entire program for our clients, so they can focus on their core business.

Agent Efficiency

incentriq’s proprietary agent desktop software delivers significant efficiency gains for your travel agents in bricks and mortar, remote and contact centre environments. Our tool addresses the challenge of sourcing travel products from multiple sources across a variety of platforms. Bringing these together into a single interface drastically reduces the amount of time spent accessing content, researching, booking in various platforms and manually entering data into your financial systems. Our integrated system automates the invoicing process, consumer documentation and final supplier reconciliation so your agents can focus on servicing the customer.

Travel Fulfilment Operations

incentriq streamlines the entire travel fulfilment process. Complementing our front-end technology, we also provide contact-centre support and mid-back office financial processing.

Members can call or chat with our seasoned group of travel experts for research and booking their trip, as well for customer care. Our agents know loyalty and travel and leverage their deep knowledge of both to provide the best options to your members. They know that your members are loyal to your core products and services, and the goal is to reinforce that primary brand affiliation.

From automated invoicing to supplier reconciliation and payment, our financial services solutions integrate with your systems to reduce manual workarounds and increase the efficiency of your travel operations.

Business Intelligence

incentriq helps you make decisions about your business with our robust suite of reports coupled with deep marketing, travel, web and loyalty expertise. We monitor the health of your program and optimize the member experience through our contact centre, points earning and redemption, travel transaction and financial reporting. Whether you are managing a loyalty program or a full service travel operation, we tailor our business intelligence model to meet your objectives. Our real-time data and analytics help your team to focus on overall program strategy rather than day to day execution.

Our Executive Team

Our leadership team comprises of travel and technology veterans whose careers have been spent seeking the best technologies to facilitate and enhance the digital experience in a variety of verticals. We recognize that our solutions must positively impact both the front-end consumer experience as well as that of the travel agents that support them. They must also create efficiency and benefit operational teams and financial stakeholders. We know that shepherding the booking through to completion while delivering a great experience at every touch point is expected by todays customers.

Our Customers

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